Shakti Wearable Personal Safety Device Black


The Shakti by WanderSafe is a discreet, fashionable non-violent personal safety device developed to help you or the one you love de-escalate a potentially unsafe situation or call for help with its 130db siren and silent SOS feature.

The Shakti beacon incorporates principles of optimal safety to deliver a powerful non-violent way to stay safe:

  • a brilliant lumen light
  • a second-click strobe feature for distraction
  • a blaring loud 130-decibel siren (to attract attention and scare a threatening animal or assailant)
  • a Silent immediate SOS ALERT feature that sends an SMS notification to three pre-set contacts with exact map coordinates and that the user is in need of an urgent call

Shakti (the ultimate symbol of power) put you in power in challenging situations. safety never looked so good and help is 3X faster than a single call or text, where seconds could mean life or death. It is designed to empower you or your loved ones to ‘go anywhere’ better and safer.


The Shakti and WanderSafe application pair quickly and cordlessly using Bluetooth technology. The Shakti makes a perfect safety companion for students, solo travelers, elderly parents, and remote workers. It is ‘help in your hand.’

The Shakti beacon is a part of the WanderSafe mission to positively impact 1 billion lives by 2025. For each one we sell, we place one with an NGO Partner to distribute to communities where people are most vulnerable.

With the Shakti Beacon and WanderSafe, you and our trusted community of travelers and commuters. Let’s be Safer Together.


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Shakti Beacon weight: 40gm, with keyring fastener perfect to attach to keys, handbags or backpacks



  • High lumen torch light
  • Second click strobe
  • Quick pull 130db piercing siren/personal alarm
  • A silent SOS ALERT button that pairs with the WanderSafe app and triggers an SMS to your pre-set safety contacts with where you are (on a Google Map) and that you are in need of an urgent call

WanderSafe is on a mission to positively impact 1 billion lives by 2025. We’re on a mission to make travel and commuting safer for everyone no matter where you are headed. Whether you be jaunting off to Johannesburg, meandering in Moscow, or catching the Metro in Melbourne.

The Shakti beacon pair seamlessly with the free WanderSafe app. Use the app to get notifications and information about locations as you explore your surrounds. Be empowered. Go Anywhere.



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