About Us


About Us

WanderSafe is an application developed by the JOZU for WOMEN team. It is a natural extension of the JOZU for Women ecosystem. This application is purpose-built to deliver dynamic location-based safety information in real time. Our mission is to make WanderSafe an essential part of everyone’s daily journey and provide you with the ability to roam freely, and safely.


WanderSafe is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Our platform includes a location-aware mobile app and a personal safety device with features proven to deter altercations. Our entire offer and development are thoughtfully developed with seasoned engineers, our developers, our product team, our brand ambassadors and our Safety Expert in Residence, retired CIA Security Executive, Thomas Pecora

Stephenie Rodriguez

Stephenie is the CEO and Founder of JOZU for WOMEN. She is an award-winning digital strategist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, noted speaker, and disruptor.

Lindsay Preston

A seasoned entrepreneur, founder of Flipsnap, award-winning author

Chief Technology Officer
Assim Gupta

Assim Gupta brings 18+ years of ERP product management and general management to the WanderSafe team. He is a business process engineer and solution architect.

Chief Information Officer
Adrian Dunkley

Adrian is the Chief Information Officer and Data Scientist at JOZU For Women and Jozu Analytics.

Zachary Harding

Zachary is the Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer. He is a brand builder, master strategist, public speaker, former govt. tourism director and private equity investor.

Head of Content
Fabiana Oliares

Fabiana is an accomplished writer, video producer and content editor with more than 10 years experience.

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