Travelers Will Appreciate These Google Pixel 3 Features

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Google has revealed the new Pixel 3 smartphone, and several features of both the hardware and software are likely to appeal to travelers. Since the original Pixel debuted, the camera has been a standout feature. Tom’s Guide called the Pixel 2 XL the “best overall camera phone” of 2018 and Tech Radar also gave the phone high marks, ranking third. The […]

Disney’s New App Will Make You Look Forward to Waiting in Line

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When used as intended, the new Play Disney Parks app lets guests bypass wait times with interactive games that can change their surroundings inside a ride queue. The free iOS and Android app can be used at home or at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, allowing guests to answer trivia questions about termites while walking through Animal Kingdom’s zoo-like exhibits or quiz each other […]

The Single Best App You Can Download For Group Trips of Any Kind

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Welcome to the era where a mobile app can improve your travel experience! Although Venmo might have relieved us of the need to physically exchange money when going overseas, the app that best harnesses Venmo to liberate you from everything else that goes into exchanging money (time, emotional distress, fractions) is Splitwise. Splitwise has been […]