CIA Counterterrorism expert Thomas Pecora shares his story of life fighting the war on terror and how imperative safety training and awareness is for travelers and commuters.

Recent violent attacks on elderly and women cause police to recommend the WanderSafe Beacon as the first line of defence against assualt.

Perth Mum Karen Sadler suffered a brutal attacked after a Tinder Date, and WanderSafe could have helped her get help 3 times faster than Facebook.

WanderSafe’s Founder Stephenie Rodriguez shares her story behind the beacon and smartphone […]

Thousands of single men and women see dating apps like Tinder a […]

this image portrays the wandersafe smartphone application being used on a device with the mapping feature. http://www.wanderSafe.com

Quick How-To guide to setting up your emergency contacts in the WanderSafe personal safety app

March 14, 2019 Sydney Australia, WandeSafe CEO Stephenie Rodriguez talked about WanderSafe […]

This is a photo of India related to Study abroad safety on https://www.wandersafe.com

If you choose to study abroad, here are a few things you NEED to know about using Debt, Credit and ATM cards abroad.


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