WanderSafe is the world’s first discreet, non-violent safety solution. It’s a powerful, compact, personal device that pairs seamlessly with an awesome smartphone application. The device was designed by a solo female traveler and a retired CIA Safety expert Thomas Pecora. The app and device deliver three key features for everyone who ventures away from home — information, environmental awareness and the right equipment you need to deter an assault. Our mission – better & safer!

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WanderSafe is the world’s holistic first solo explorer’s safety solution. It was developed by a female global nomad. She met thousands of women and vulnerable people who experienced various forms of violence and assault when traveling and commuting. In uncertain times, where there are situations and information could save your life, we’ve combined a smart personal safety device an intelligent smartphone app where JENI, your virtual safety concierge, provides you with location-centric travel tips personalized to your travel habits.

The WanderSafe device is discreet — it can be held in your had and unseen by a potential attacker. Unlike your slick smartphone, it won’t attract unwanted attention unless you activate it and you don’t have to pray SIRI is able to respond fast enough. The WanderSafe is very simple to operate and is designed to de-escalate a potential unsafe situation as we believe the best confrontation you can have is one you can avoid. Out of the box, you can now walk, run and explore and feel more empowered.

The one click light on the side is pressed to activate a wide bright lumen light, so you can be enlightened about what might be lurking around you. If it’s not your neighbour’s cat or a possum on the prowl, a second click of the button emits a disturbing strobe light. This is clinically proven to disorient a potential attacker. If the unsafe moment is continuing, there is a “Twist Top Screamer” that emits a 140-decibel personal alarm meant to attract attention or diffuse the situation. All of these functions can be operated with one hand. WanderSafe is truly help in the palm of your hand!

JENI is amazing, and we’ve been developing her over the past two years. She creates a dynamic safety score and makes sure you know where to go and what to avoid.

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