Beacon weight: 70gm, with side ring to easily attach to keys or wrist strap


  • 1000 Lumen One Click Flashlight/Torch
  • 2nd Click Disorienting Strobe
  • 140db piercing siren/personal alarm
  • A silent ALERT button that sends an SMS to your pre-set safety contacts through the app of where are (on a Google Map) and that you are in need of an urgent call

WanderSafe is on a mission to positively impact 1 billion lives by 2025. We’re on a mission to make travel and commuting safer for everyone no matter where you are headed. Whether you be jaunting off to Johannesburg, meandering in Moscow, or catching the Metro in Melbourne.

The beacon pair seamlessly with the free WanderSafe app. Use the app to get notifications and information about locations as you explore your surrounds. Be empowered. Go Anywhere.



White, Black

8 reviews for Beacon

  1. Lucie S.

    I ordered and received the beacon early December 2018. As a digital nomad and an international traveler – with a few bad experiences while walking around in cities, I feel safer knowing that I always have the device in my bag. I think it gives me confidence and prevents me from the worst. Highly recommended!

  2. Adryenn Ashley

    I love this product! Keeps me out of bad neighborhoods!!! I feel safer galavanting the globe. Thank you!

  3. Tracey Regimbal

    Wandersafe is a product I didn’t know i needed until I was gifted one. As a woman who travels alone for work and an avid runner, i not have the device glued to me more closely than my iphone. Not only does it help prevent me from going into dangerous situations but it also helps me get out of them. As a vulnerable person, I am very inspired by such an inclusive product and am grateful to have it every day.

  4. Marcelina Cadet

    The beacon keeps us safer by alerting others of unsafe areas and protects us from dangerous situations. Easy convenient and quick to use. Don’t wander without it.

  5. Heather Markel (verified owner)

    I purchased the Beacon because I am solo traveling the globe and interested in safety. There were some glitches with the order and Stephenie and her team stepped right up to the plate and were very helpful even though they, too, were in the midst of traveling. I was very impressed with their customer support which is one thing that’s really important to me when I do business with anyone.

    The things that caught my attention were the bright light and the fact that you can have the device make a loud noise. Now, when I say loud, I mean I turned the device on for a second, and my ears were still ringing the next day. It’s LOUD and people are going to be very VERY annoyed by it if you turn that on. They’ll either run away or people will be turning on their lights and coming out of their house to ask you to shut up, so that’s one powerful noise!

    I also like the idea of the app and that I can notify people if I need to of my location. Nice to have everything in one device. And, I’m also happy that you can shut it off so that the siren doesn’t go off by accident while you’re on public transportation, lol.

  6. Lisa G

    Love this product. It makes me feel safe while traveling. I like the fact that I am able to contact someone in case of emergency at the press of a button. Great product and will advise anyone to purchase.

  7. Karen (verified owner)

    Wished I had this compact safety device when I was younger – car keys between fingers were never going to help. Purchased Beacons for my daughters who work in health care in rural and overseas locations. Both have experienced threatening situations in recent months – including aggravated assault. Testing out ourselves was reassuring – it is LOUD and BRIGHT. And the app is ingenious – brilliant use of sharing technology. Will spread the word.Thank-you Stephenie & team.

  8. Elizabeth M

    I love the Beacon. I take it wherever I go! If I’m going on my evening walk around the neighborhood and just want to disconnect from the world and would preferer not to be contacted, or if I’m travelling throughout Australia or the World!

    I recommend this Beacon to EVERYONE!!!

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