Is it safe to travel to Rio de Janeiro?

Is it safe to travel to Rio de Janeiro?

Brazil is a country of samba, football, and beautiful landscapes, so it’s not surprising that Rio de Janeiro is one of the warmest and exciting cities of Latin America and probably a destination on everyone’s wishlist.

Rio de Janeiro is an averagely safe city – some parts should definitely avoided, and the risk gets much higher at night. With a rating of 51% Brazil, is ranked 81th out of 162 in the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries.

Overall, it is safe to travel to Rio de Janeiro but here are some things you definitely have to consider and be on high alert all the time!

Pickpocketing: be careful with everything you’re carrying

This is one of the most common risks in Rio. No matter if you are in a crowded bus, a beach, or walking down the street, the chances of getting pickpocketed are high. Try to take precautions and keep in a safe place your passport, mobile phone, and money.

Scams are always out there

Like in any tourist place, there are people who will try to trick you and take advantage of you as a foreigner. You’ll have to be extra careful on the beach and near to ATMs. Be also aware of fake petitions, “gold ring” tricks, groups of teenagers acting strangely or trying to distract you, and people offering help with your luggage.

Mugging risk

There are hot spots in Rio which present higher mugging and kidnaping levels. Central urban areas are better avoided late at night and also, try to avoid public transportation during those hours.

Also, never try to pass through favelas unless you are with a local. Some of these favelas are extremely dangerous and often they are under shootings fight between criminals and sometimes the local police. This is the main reason for the military intervention in Rio.

Public Transportation and Diseases

As we said, public transportation is where pickpocketing and muggings happen a lot. Also, there is a risk of getting viruses or mosquito related flu such as the recent Zika outbreak, so take your time to do a research about current situation and take care of your health.

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