The WanderSafe smartphone application is free to download and enjoy. The app gives you curated safety tips from JENI, your virtual safety companion and includes location-based warnings, geopolitical travel advice, and other important things you might need to know about where you are. JENI thrives on feedback, and will always ask you “Do you feel safe?” You can simply say ‘yep’, or chose the ‘nope’ and select any one of the situations that may be making you feel uneasy. Got more to say? Use the ‘chat’ bubble feature to share what you see, and any photos related to your comments. You’ll get rewarded Kudos for your feedback and your ‘Hero’ score will start to soar!



You can also get your own Beacon. The Beacon by WanderSafe is a discreet, non-violent personal safety device developed to help you or the one you love de-escalate a potentially unsafe situation. The beacon was designed by a female travel professional in collaboration with Safety and Security expert, retired CIA professional Thomas Pecora.