WanderSafe’s Feature As a Smart Safety Solution On the TODAY Show Australia

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We are thrilled to be featured as a smart safety solution on Channel 9 and the TODAY Show in Australia! Watch the clip below! WanderSafe is the world’s first discreet, non-violent safety solution. It’s a powerful, compact, personal device that pairs seamlessly with an awesome smartphone application. The device was designed by a solo female […]

International travel inspired this Australian tech entrepreneur to design a device that helps keep women safe – and now the world is buying it

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This article originally appeared on Business Insider Australia ‍ By: Simon Thomsen ‍ Canberra-based Stephenie Rodriguez has visited 54 countries, and as woman generally travelling alone, knows all too well “what it feels like to be unsafe”. So like all entrepreneurs, she set out to solve that problem, enlisting the help of a retired CIA […]

WanderSafe founder heads to US where more VCs will back women

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This article originally appeared on the Financial Review By: Yolanda Redrup ‍ Canberra-based entrepreneur Stephenie Rodriguez has lived in Australia for 20 years, is set on raising her son here, but the founder of personal safety technology start-up WanderSafe has incorporated her business in the US. Ms Rodriguez told The Australian Financial Review that statistics showing that […]

Travelers Will Appreciate These Google Pixel 3 Features

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Google has revealed the new Pixel 3 smartphone, and several features of both the hardware and software are likely to appeal to travelers. Since the original Pixel debuted, the camera has been a standout feature. Tom’s Guide called the Pixel 2 XL the “best overall camera phone” of 2018 and Tech Radar also gave the phone high marks, ranking third. The […]

WanderSafe Featured On NBC’s Tech Trends: Appreciating Apps

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This article originally appeared on NekiaNichelle.com Did you know there’s an app for that? From healthy eating to balancing your budget— you will definitely APPreciate learning about these innovative techie apps that were showcased on NBC’s Tech Trends this weekend. WanderSafe is the world’s holistic first solo explorer’s safety solution. It was developed by a female global […]

World’s First Non-Violent Integrated Personal Safety Solution for Travelers Will Premiere at TFWA on UN International Day of Non-Violence

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WanderSafe is a non-violent anti-rape, anti-assault and anti-trafficking device that pairs via Bluetooth with a smartphone application and delivers location relevant safety information in real time and premiere this product and technology in the TFWA Digital Village DB13. Cannes, France (September 23, 2018) – WanderSafe, an Internet of Things consumer electronics device and mobile application […]