The first step to a safe journey, whether it is across town or across the world, begins with knowledge. Travelers need information to make good decisions and take specific actions that will increase their chances for a successful travel, especially if their destination is overseas. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure!” In the case of a foreign travel, doing...

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Brazil is a country of samba, football, and beautiful landscapes, so it's not surprising that Rio de Janeiro is one of the warmest and exciting cities of Latin America and probably a destination on everyone's wishlist. Rio de Janeiro is an averagely safe city – some parts should definitely avoided, and the risk gets much higher at night. With a rating of 51% Brazil, is ranked 81th out of 162...

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Solo traveling often means we can't communicate with other people because of our mobile phone becoming useless in other countries. Plus, maybe we have two or three problems like how we can charge it without blowing it and what can we do to still have our WhatsApp or iMessage on for example, so here we give you five tips to keep your beloved cellphone functioning everywhere you...

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