UAE embassy issues travel advisory for Greece

A UAE embassy has issued a travel advisory for Emiratis.

According to the UAE embassy in Athens, residents who are currently on or going to vacation on the island of Santorini should be on their guard.

"Make sure you keep your belongings safe and secure, as many people and crowds tend to gather in the area, especially at sunset."

يرجى من مواطني الدولة المتواجدين في جزيرة سنتوريني توخي الحذر والحفاظ على مقتنياتهم وذلك بسبب شدة الازدحام خاصة وقت مشاهدة منظر الغروب.

— UAE Embassy Athens (@uaeembassygr) July 2, 2018

Santorini is famed as a tourist attraction, boasting gorgeous whitewashed buildings and beautiful seascapes.

The advisory comes a day after UAE-based airlines issued travel advisories for passengers flying to US, Australia or New Zealand. Another advisory has been issued to tourists in Paris. Emirates said it expects a high number of passenger departures from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport over the summer travel period. Thus, passengers traveling from June 29 June to July 1 are advised to build in extra time to get to the airport and complete airport formalities.