Optimise Your Personal Safety With Wandersafe

We know that prevention is always the best solution when it comes to staying safe. That’s why we are democratizing safety. Beacon is the first of our smart solutions for vulnerable travelers and commuters. With a beacon, help is 3X faster than a single call or text, where seconds could mean life or death. It is designed to empower you to ‘go anywhere’ better and safer. You can alert, track, call and notify loved-ones in the event of an emergency, quicker and easier than your smartphone alone.

  • Shakti Wearable Personal Safety Device

  • Shakti Wearable Personal Safety Device Pink

  • Shakti Personal Safety Device in Black Onyx

    Shakti Wearable Personal Safety Device Black

  • Beacon Black



Dual Defence

Side-click 1000-lumen torch instantly illuminates a situation to give clarity to your surroundings. Pressed twice the light becomes a strobe.


Twist to Arm

Twist the top of Beacon to activate a 140-decibel personal alarm. The device has anti-slip grips for wet weather and is ambidextrous by design.


Your Contacts

Silent Assist button, feature where trusted emergency contacts notified via an SMS and provided a map with your exact geolocation.


Your World

A virtual safety companion paired with Wandersafe app; location-based warnings, travel advice, & important things you need to know about where you are.


I love the Beacon. I take it wherever I go! If I'm going on my evening walk around the neighborhood and just want to disconnect from the world and would preferer not to be contacted, or if I'm travelling throughout Australia or the World! I recommend this Beacon to EVERYONE!!

Elizabeth M
Google Review

Wished I had this compact safety device when I was younger - car keys between fingers were never going to help. Purchased Beacons for my daughters who work in health care in rural and overseas locations. Both have experienced threatening situations in recent months - including aggravated assault. Testing out ourselves was reassuring - it is LOUD and BRIGHT. And the app is ingenious - brilliant use of sharing technology. Will spread the word.Thank-you Stephenie & team.

Google Review

Love this product. It makes me feel safe while traveling. I like the fact that I am able to contact someone in case of emergency at the press of a button. Great product and will advise anyone to purchase.

Lisa G
Google Review



More than just Maps…

The WanderSafe smartphone application is free to download and enjoy. The app gives you curated safety tips from  JENI, your virtual safety companion and includes location-based warnings, geopolitical travel advice, and other important things you might need to know about where you are. JENI thrives on feedback, and will always ask you “Do you feel safe?” You can simply say ‘yep’, or chose the ‘nope’ and select any one of the situations that may be making you feel uneasy. Got more to say? Use the ‘chat’ bubble feature to share what you see, and any photos related to your comments. You’ll get rewarded Kudos for your feedback and your ‘Hero’ score will start to soar! 


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