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5 Luxury Resorts Adopted New Measures to Guarantee More Safety for Travelers

When planning a travel, securing lavish accommodations, a picturesque setting, and top-notch service are likely a priority for travelers.

But where does safety rank on the list of priorities? Most people naturally assume they’re safest in their hotels. While that is generally true, there are still safeguards to take into account when choosing a place to stay, particularly for high net worth individuals.

There’s no reason to allow theft, burglary or other dangerous events to ruin a travel experience. Security experts advise everyone to evaluate their hotels prior to booking to ensure risks are considered. Other factors to consider for evaluation are security escorts, closed-circuit cameras, elevators with keycard access, driver services for guests and proximity to hospitals.

With these criteria in mind when planning your next getaway, check out these hotels around the world, which are proactively addressing safety concerns.

Gateway Canyons

This 72-room boutique ranch resort’s remote location on 300 acres in eastern Colorado makes it inherently safe from threats such as theft and violent crime. But the luxury of isolation becomes a liability when there are medical concerns. A heart attack or even a heatstroke could prove fatal if emergency healthcare is not easily accessible. That’s why Gateway Canyons has its own team of EMTs and a fire department a mile and a half away from the resort.

The Cloister Beach Club

Located on Georgia’s barrier islands halfway between Savannah and Jacksonville, Fla., this remote property offers natural seclusion while being relatively accessible by car or plane.

The main hotel property at Sea Island, The Cloister Beach Club, enhances the privacy factor especially when it comes to its penthouse. “There’s a high level of privacy because it has its own elevator,” says Scott Steilen, president of Sea Island. “It only opens to your unit.”

Grosvenor House Suite By Jumeirah Living

This under-the-radar property in Mayfair does everything in its power to keep its guests equally off the grid, starting with highly restricted access, thanks to the building’s design.

The entrance leads to concierge area that is manned 24 hours a day and has electric doors that lock after 11 p.m. The actual reception of the hotel is on a second floor, which is accessible only via a keycard-controlled elevator. Even with these measures, the hotel goes one step further.

The hotel also counts 76 security cameras and satellite phones in case of an emergency, and all guest room locks and keycards can be monitored.

Christophe Harbour

Geography also plays a large role in the security maintained at Christophe Harbour, a resort development that occupies the southeastern end of the island of St. Kitts. On land, there is only one point of entry to the development, which has additional private gates restricting access to residences and the Pavilion beach club’s guest bungalows.

Though the development also has a marina, access to it is restricted as well, as it has its own customs house that all seagoing visitors must clear. Furthermore, a 24-hour security team monitors and patrols the entire property, ensuring guest safety.

Hotel de Russie

The 121-room historic property just off central Rome’s Piazza del Popolo, once favored by the Russian royal family and still frequented by heads of state such as Argentina’s Mauricio Macri, is also famous for its discretion.

The enclosed grand villa has essentially one entry and exit point accessible to the public, and the staff is trained to know each and every guest who walks through the door. After hours, anyone not staying in the hotel will be hard pressed to go beyond the foyer.

Additional security features include escorted in-suite check-in and cameras throughout the common areas, hallways, gym and spa facilities.

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