Safety Advisory: Quebec, Canada

Safety Advisory: Quebec, Canada

The G7 summit, hosted in Quebec, will bring together the leaders of Canada, the US, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan.

The overall threat level for the 2018 G7 Summit is considered to be moderate. The OSAC is not aware of any specific threats to the Summit or its participants.

Protests and demonstrations are scheduled to take place in Quebec City and La Malbaie; some have already occurred. The majority of the protests are expected to be peaceful, but based on the political nature of the Summit, they could quickly turn violent.

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At the very minimum, traffic delays and heightened security measures will be experienced in Quebec City and La Malbaie.

Due to the presence of high-ranking international officials, expect a large presence of press, especially around Quebec City, which will serve as the media hub for video coverage of the event.

Random police checkpoints and identification checks are also possible in the area.

What to do if you find yourself in the middle of a public demonstration?

  • Never proceed into or through demonstrations if faced with resistance.
  • Handle unrest in a non-confrontational manner.
  • If there is violence, property damage or credible threat, contact the police immediately.
  • Monitor access to your store, office or home.
  • Leave the area where others are engaging in illegal activities and acts of violence. Be calm and focused, get to a safe place.
  • Avoid circumstances where your presence may be interpreted as participating in a riot or illegal group action.

Be safe! If you have another safety tip to add make sure to leave it in the comments below!

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