Best Wearable Safety Devices For Solo Travelers

Best Wearable Safety Devices For Solo Travelers

More often than not, solo travelers find themselves going back to the hotel at night, alone, exploring streets and navigating their way through back alleys in unfamiliar cities, alone. Carrying expensive cameras that make me them a target, alone.

And while some people find that exhilarating, there are times when the thought of texting someone so that they know your location and where you’re are heading crosses your mind.

And while solo travelers try not to think about all of the “just in case” scenarios, it’s a reality that they should consider more often because the truth is, you can’t control everything, and situations do happen.

So, before you set off on your summer adventures, alone, we thought to give you some recommendations for safety devices on the market that you can easily bring on your next trip!


A little bit bigger, the Occly not only acts as a personal alarm, but it also starts taking images from the moment it’s turned on using not one, but four cameras, and begins recording audio as well once the alarm is activated. When the panic button is pressed, a 24-hour Occly emergency response center is contacted and sent the audio and images in real-time (including images from 10 seconds before the device was activated). The Occly emergency team then contacts the proper authorities, ensuring that help is on the way quickly. There is a monthly fee for this service, which will cost you $9.95 a month. If $9.95 a month doesn’t appeal to you and you’d rather go the free route, you also have the option to not have the emergency team on call and can use the text-a-friend emergency functionality at no extra monthly cost instead.


Clip Revolar on, or make sure you never leave it at home and wear it attached to your keys. Unlike other wearable devices, such as the Athena which needs to be charged for two to three hours every two weeks, Revolar uses a standard watch battery that can last six to 12 months, meaning that you don’t have to worry about remembering to recharge it. One click of the device alerts your designated friends via a text message that you’re home safe, two clicks of the device sends a text alert to friends that something is wrong and three clicks of the device send a text message to friends to call 911, also alerting them of your location.

Ahh!-larm Keychains

Cute enough to put on keys or even a backpack, the ease and $22 price tag for this personal alarm make it a no-brainer. Plus, what’s not to love about a brand that knows that glitter and metallic are life.


Stylish and functional, the Siren ring is more than it appears, because when activated, the Siren emits a 110-decibel siren or the equivalent of a rock concert. Not meant as a way to alert for help in the distance, but as a way to immediately startle and ward off an attacker, the ring is activated by turning the top of the ring 60 degree

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