Is It Safe To Travel To Puerto Vallarta?

Is It Safe To Travel To Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is an ideal seaside city for all those who prefer hot weather and beaches of all kinds. This city represents one of the three most important ports in Mexico and is one of the most attractive tourist centers in the nation.

However, for many people, Mexico is not a safe place to travel due to the reports of insecurity announced each year. Emergency cases, disappearances, and deaths can make anyone paranoid, so asking if it’s safe to travel to Puerto Vallarta is pretty much a top priority to all tourists.

Robberies and the occasional drug smuggling cases are not very encouraging; The good news for those who want to go to Puerto Vallarta is that this resort may be an exception to the current crime wave that’s surrounding Mexico. There have been few reported cases of violence since five years ago, and the victims of these episodes have been pretty much involved with drug cartels.

The reality is that Puerto Vallarta’s crime rates are low, and more so when compared to cities like Mexico City, New Orleans or Cancun.

Any crime that may arise is only the common denominator of the tourist centers. Leaving something carelessly, lowering your guard with your pockets, or going down the streets late at night in areas you do not know are some of the main reasons to attract criminals, so it’s better to keep your guards up and take safety measures while you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta.

…And here’s something to take in consideration:

Knowing where you are walking, have (or simulate) confidence and being attentive to all the things you have are the keys when you are in Puerto Vallarta. Do not forget your belongings and always look around when you need to look at your cell phone.

Do you know Puerto Vallarta or do you plan to travel there soon? Leave a comment below with your travel tips!

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