Beware of the tea house invitation scam in Beijing!

Beware of the tea house invitation scam in Beijing!

As travelers, we often get scammed due to the lack of information about the place we’re heading, and China’s capital: Beijing is a city we need to be careful with.

Although the Chinese culture is beautiful, there are many things we should know about Beijing. One of them is the tea house invitation scam. This scam has taken many victims in the past, as you may Google it, and all cases have a pattern in common.

This is how it starts:

Strangers approaching you

You get approached by some friendly young Chinese (usually women) who strikes up a conversation and asks things like “may we practice our English with you?”, “where are you from?”, “how is your trip going?”, And so on. After building some report, they make the innocuous enough suggestion of going for a tea.

Reaching the tea house

They lead you down to a complicated series of back alleys, eventually arriving at a teahouse you could’ve reached with a short walk straight along the road.

Time to pay your drink

You swap stories about your country and theirs, and you drink some very pleasant tea. And then you get the bill and surprise! This is how the scam starts, and now you’re being asked to pay a crazy price for a pot of tea, in some cases many hundreds of dollars.

What to do to avoid it?

Well, the easiest and more obvious of the answers is don’t talk to strangers in any of the places we’re referring to. It seems redundant.

Nevertheless, if you still wanna know new people and you feel they are genuine, you should take it easy and go to a place you already know.

Do you have any more advice on how we can avoid getting scammed on Beijing? Comment below!

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