5 tips to keep your phone functioning while traveling abroad!

5 tips to keep your phone functioning while traveling abroad!

Solo traveling often means we can’t communicate with other people because of our mobile phone becoming useless in other countries.

Plus, maybe we have two or three problems like how we can charge it without blowing it and what can we do to still have our WhatsApp or iMessage on for example, so here we give you five tips to keep your beloved cellphone functioning everywhere you go.

Use free WiFi zones but keep an eye on your private information

Most of the world has adapted pretty well to WiFi using. Many countries have parks and buildings with free WiFi connection. Also, when you travel remember to deactivate the data using the option of your mobile phone if you are going to use the WiFi networks. Oh, and don’t forget to keep your private information out of these WiFi networks because literally, anyone can access it so, don’t open your bank account app or very important emails. Free WiFi is cool and helpful as long as you’re being careful in the way you use it.

Roaming is a good option too

If you need a good connection 24/7, and don’t want to depend on the place you go, many companies have roaming plans. These will allow you to use your phone in other countries.

Buy a local sim card

If you’re traveling to a place for a long time, the best option for you is to buy a local sim card. Nevertheless, your original mobile phone number will be available for apps like WhatsApp or even iMessage.

Charge your cellphone

If you’re traveling from Europe to North America or South America to China, you will notice that every region has a different AC power plugin. You better get a new mobile phone charger or a proper adapter if you’re going to stay there for a while! Trust me, the last thing you need is replacing your phone in a foreign country.

Keep it safe everywhere

The less we get flashy with our phones when we are traveling, the better. Pickpocketing is very common these days and once your pickpocketer catches the place where you’re keeping your phone, girl, you can kiss it goodbye. Keep your phone in safe places like the inner pockets of your jacket or your bag’s internal pockets!

Have any other ideas on how to make your phone useful during traveling? Share it with us in the comments below!

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