Six Solo Travel Hacks That Will Keep You Safe Anytime

Six Solo Travel Hacks That Will Keep You Safe Anytime

When you’re traveling alone it’s clear that it’s not the same panorama as when you travel with someone else or as a group. You must avoid putting ourselves in dangerous situations, mostly if we are in a foreign country where culture, traditions and even safety protocols are very different from your hometown. Here are six solo travel hacks that can keep you safe, so can enjoy a calm and safe trip.

Respect the traditions.

First and foremost, you have to respect traditions and dress correctly so you don’t attract prying eyes or generate envy or violence. Go in jeans and sneakers instead of branded bags. And try to avoid jewelry or photo cameras that are very flashy or bulky.

Don’t look like a tourist.

It’s important to try to look as little as possible as a tourist and try to blend with the rest of the people. It’s advisable to always wear sunglasses, there are people who can be disturbed by an exchange of looks, or even reach to misinterpret it.

Look fearless.

We must move forward without fear, and not allow that if something frightens us or surprises us, no one notice the fright in our faces. Never react to provocations, compliments or whistles.

Do not stay alone in the street when it gets dark.

It’s a matter of common sense. There are times when it’s better to take a taxi to the hotel than to walk quickly, with literally your heart beating a thousand times per hour, through unknown streets.

Careful with what you drink.

It’s better to always drink from bottles that we have bought and opened ourselves. Especially in parties. It’s not only about the quality of the water or the drink you’re taking but to always have control over what is being consumed and where.

Be nice to people.

Be interested in their stories but try not to tell them your life and miracles, at least until your instincts tell you that you are safe.

When the one that lands is a lonely walker, it is possible to establish a privileged contact. Perhaps because loneliness is synonymous with exclusion or lack. For this reason, traveling alone can be a joy because you do not have to be pulling or waiting for others. You go at your own pace, you stop where you want, you talk to whomever you want respecting people and local traditions, living unique experiences, and not allowing the fear of others to guide yourself. Those who take risks learn to measure them, don’t you ever become victims of fear of the unknown.

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